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Numerical Study of the Steady Natural Convection Inside an Enclosure delimited by a Cylindrical Parabolas and a Plane Surface: Influence of the Slope Angle

Effects of slope angle ? on the steady natural convection inside a two dimensional enclosure delimited by portions of cylindrical parabolas have been analyzed numerically. The Rayleigh number and the slope angle are used as control parameters for flow and heat transfer. ? was varied from 0 to ?, for two Rayleigh numbers: 104 and 105. The governing equations are solved by a Polynomial Differential Quadrature method (PDQ). The algebraic systems of discretized equations are solved by a Successive Over Relaxation method (SOR). The results showed that if the transition from a pseudo-conductive regime to a convective one is not affected by ?, the thermal and dynamical fields are very different according to the values of ?.

Auteur(s) : Madialene Sene, Samba Dia, Omar Ngor Thiam, Mamadou Lamine Sow
Année de publication : 2015
Revue : International Journal on Engineering Applications (I.R.E.A)
Type : Article
Mise en ligne par : DIA Samba