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PMIPv6-Based Mobility for Realtime Communications on Hierarchical P2PSIP Systems

Real-time communications via mobile P2PSIP networks are nowadays very popular. Since, in these types of communications, time saving is crucial, most work chooses a hierarchical P2PSIP solution. With the proliferation of connected objects, leading to a multitude of addresses to be envisaged, IPv6 solutions are privileged. Most H-P2PSIP mobility management solutions within IPv6 only consider physical handover. While there is also logical handover that needs to be taken into account. Moreover, even work that focused on physical handover, failed to take into account location management, whereas it is paramount. If location fails, there will be no communication. In this paper, we set up a mobile hierarchical P2PSIP architecture-based IPv6 for realtime communications management. Our architecture considers both physical and logical handover and allows handover management of locating and communicating nodes.

Auteur(s) : Abel DIATTA, Ibrahima NIANG, Bassirou GUEYE, Mandicou BA
Année de publication : 2017
Revue : IEEE International Symposium on Advances in Communications and Computing for Internet-of-things
Type : Article
Mise en ligne par : NIANG Ibrahima