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Femoral Neck Fatigue Fracture on morbid obesity: A case report

Abstract Introduction: Fatigue fractures are a type of stress fractures, and are due to abnormal stresses on normal bone. They most frequently occur in weight-bearing bones. The femoral neck localisation is rare. Objective: The aim of our study is to present a case of femoral neck fatigue fracture due to obesity and sedentary life style treated by double screwing. Observation: It is a 27-year-old female patient who presented with a 2-month history of left hip pain. There was no history of trauma, he is obese with the BMI of 32.4 with sedentary life style. A physical examination revealed left hip tenderness and internal and external rotation were almost impossible due to pain. Plain radiographs and CT-Scan of the left hip showed tension-type non-displaced left femoral neck fatigue fracture (Blissenstaff-Morris type II). The double screwing with cancellous screws was performed under the C-arm fluoroscopy. Conclusion: The fatigue fracture most frequently occur in weight-bearing bones and the femoral neck localisation is rare. Athletes are at high risk of fatigue fractures. However sedcntary life style and obesity are among other causes. The surgical treatment with screwing results in satisfactory clinical course.

Auteur(s) : Daffé M, Kinkpé CVA, Niane MM, Gueye AB, Sarr L, Dembélé B, Diouf AB, Sané AD and Diémé CB
Pages : 618-620
Année de publication : 2017
Revue : International Journal of Orthopacdics Sciences
N° de volume : 3
Type : Article
Statut Editorial : en ligne
Mise en ligne par : DAFFE Mohamed