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Assessment of General Public’s Knowledge and Opinions towards Antibiotic Use and Bacterial Resistance: A Cross-Sectional Study in an Urban Setting, Ru?sque, Senegal

Background: Bacterial resistance is a major public health problem worldwide. One solution to this scourge is to sensitize the general public on rational use of antibiotics. Our goal was to assess people’s knowledge and opinions about antibiotic use and bacterial resistance in an urban setting. Method: We performed a cross-sectional study. A convenience sampling was done. A questionnaire was administered to 400 persons during face-to-face interviews. Results: Most respondents thought that antibiotics are effective against colds/?u (69.8%), cough (72.3%) and sore throat (64.4%). At the same time, 42.8% stated that antibiotic therapy can be stopped as soon as the symptoms disappear. Only8.8%and41.8%ofpeopleknewthathandwashingandvaccinationpreventedbacterialresistance. Globally, 7% of people had a good knowledge. Socio-demographic variables were not associated with the level of knowledge. The main sources of information were entourage and pharmacy staff. Regarding the opinions, 78.3% of surveyed participants the people thought that that people overuse antibiotics. Additionally, 28% said that they have no role to play against bacterial resistance. Conclusion: People living in an urban setting had a low knowledge about antibiotic use and bacterial resistance. There is a need to implement awareness campaigns. Further studies on population practices toward antibiotic use are necessary.

Auteur(s) : Oumar Bassoum, Ndèye Marème Sougou, Mayassine Diongue, Mamadou Makhtar Mbacke Lèye, Mouhamad Mbodji, Djibril Fall, Ibrahima Seck, Adama Faye and Anta
Année de publication : 2018
Revue : Pharmacy
N° de volume : 6
Type : Article
Mise en ligne par : BASSOUM Oumar