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Photoionization of the 3s23p3nd Rydberg series of Cl+ ion using the Screening constant by unit nuclear charge method

We report calculations of accurate high lying resonance energies of the [3s2 3p3 2D*3/2] nd and [3s2 3p3 2P*3/2] nd Rydberg series originating from the ground 3s2 3p4 3P2 and from the p 3s2 3p4 3P1,0 metastable states of Cl+ along with the [3s2 3p3 (2P°1/2) ] nd Rydberg series originating from the [3s2 3p4 1S0] metastable state of the Cl+ ion. Calculations are performed using the Screening Constant by Unit Nuclear Charge (SCUNC) method up to =40. The results obtained are compared with the existing n Dirac – Coulomb -matrix (DCR) calculations (McLaughlin, 2017) and Advanced Light Source (ALS) measurements (Hernández et al., 2015). Analysis of the present R results is achieved in the framework of the standard quantum-defect theory and of the SCUNC-procedure based on the calculation of the e?ective charge. It is shown that the SCUNC-method agree very well the ALS measurements up to n=13. New high lying accurate resonance energies ( = 14–40) are tabulated as benchmarked data for the atomic physics community in connection with the modeling of plasma and astrophysical systems.

Auteur(s) : M.D. Ba, A. Diallo, J.K. Badiane, M.T. Gning, M. Sow, I. Sakho
Pages : 111–119.
Année de publication : 2018
Revue : Radiation Physics and Chemistry
N° de volume : 153
Type : Article
Mise en ligne par : SOW Malick