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Calculations of resonances parameters for the ((2s2)1Se, (2s2p) 1,3P0) and ((3s2)1Se, (3s3p) 1,3P0) doubly excited states of helium-like ions with Z <= 10 using a complex rotation method implemented in Scilab

In the present work a special computational program Scilab (Scienti?c Laboratory) in the complex rotation method has been used to calculate resonance parameters of ((2s2) 1Se, (2s2p) 1,3P0) and ((3s2) 1Se, (3s3p) 1,3P0) states of helium-like ions with Zr10. The purpose of this study required a mathematical development of the Hamiltonian applied to Hylleraas wave function for intrashell states, leading to analytical expressions which are carried out under Scilab computational program. Results are in compliance with recent theoretical calculations.

Auteur(s) : Y. Gning, M. Sow, A. Traore, M. Dieng, B. Diakhate, M. Biaye, A. Wague
Pages : 1-6.
Année de publication : 2014
Revue : Radiation Phys. And Chemistry
N° de volume : 106
Type : Article
Mise en ligne par : SOW Malick