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“Energy calculation of 2s2 1S, 2p2 1D, 3s2 1S, 3p2 1D, 3d2 1G, 4p2 1D, 4d2 1D, 4f2 1I doubly excited states using a new wave function to four terms for ” 2<=Z <= 15

Calculation of the energy levels of atoms and ions with 2<=Z <= 15 are carried out in this paper using a Hyllerass approximation. The method used is one of Screen Constant by Nuclear Charge Unit to calculate the total energy of two-electron atomic systems in ground and different doubly excited states. Employing a new wave function including correlation, we were able to calculate excited states (nl)2 ( n <= 4). The Comparison of these results with the ones of other methods shows a good agreement.

Auteur(s) : B. SOW, Malick Sow, Y. Gning, A. Traoré, Ababacar Sadikhe Ndao and A. Wagué.
Pages : 25-30
Année de publication : 2016
Revue : Radiation Physics. And Chemistry
N° de volume : 123,
Type : Article
Mise en ligne par : SOW Malick