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Treatment Of Volvulus Of The Sigmoid Colon By Colectomy In Two Phases

Objective : The aim of this study was to report the result of surgical treatment of volvulus of the sigmoid colon by colectomy in 2 phases.Material and methods: This is a descriptive and retrospective study during 5 years, led in the unit of digestive and general surgery of Aristide le Dantec Teaching Hospital (Dakar-Senegal). The criterion of inclusion was volvulus of the sigmoid colon treated by colectomy in 2 phases. We studied the epidemiological characters, means of diagnosis, types of colectomy, per-operative accidents and immediate consequences.Results: We retained 89 files. Volvulus of the sigmoid colon represented 58% of all the colectomies realized during the period of study. The mean age of the patients was 42 years; 84% were men. All patients had undergone radiography of the abdomen; no mechanical colon preparation had been made. Colectomy according to Hartmann’s method had been realized in 36% of the cases. One per-operative incident had been registered. The immediate complications concerned 20% of patients. There was no death registered.Conclusion: In sub-Saharan Africa, colectomy is very often the only therapeutic alternative in volvulus of the sigmoid colon. This colectomy obeys to well-established principles in our context of exercise. For the surgeon, volvulus of the sigmoid colon remains a preoccupation connected to the delay of diagnosis.

Auteur(s) : FK Diallo Owono, I Konate, J Tendeng, M Cisse, O Ka, M Dieng, A Dia, CT Touré
Pages : 1-6
Année de publication : 2011
Revue : The Internet Journal of Surgery
N° de volume : volume 26 numéro 2
Type : Article
Mise en ligne par : KA Ousmane