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Crystal structure of (?-trans-1,2-bis¬{2-[(2-oxido¬phen¬yl)methyl¬idene]hydrazin-1-yl-idene}ethane-1,2-diolato-?3O,O?,N)bis¬[di-tert-butyl¬tin(IV)]

In a binuclear complex containing two Sn4+ ions, connected by the doubly N-deprotonated oxalylbis[(2-oxido¬benzyl¬idene)hydrazide] ligands, and with each Sn4+ is linked to two tert-butyl groups, the coordination sphere of each Sn atom is best described as a trigonal bipyramid.

Auteur(s) : C. Ndoye, W. Diallo, O. Diouf, A. H. Barry, M. Gaye and R. Gautier
Pages : 79-802
Année de publication : 2018
Revue : Acta Crystallographica E
N° de volume : E74
Type : Article
Mise en ligne par : GAYE Mohamed Lamine