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Theoretical and Experimental Study of a Double Air-Pass Solar Thermal Collector with an Insulating Rod of Millet

In this article, we present the study of a double-pass air insulated by crushed millet stem mixed with gum arabic. The study is carried out based on mathematical models obtained by writing energy conservation laws in the various components of the system, which made it possible to determine the evolution of the air temperature as a function of the length of the absorber and to make a comparison with the experimental results. After comparing the results obtained with those found in the literature, the influence of some physical and geometrical parameters on the performance of the solar thermal collector is presented

Auteur(s) : Mame Mor Diarra Ndiaye, Babacar Diallo, Said Abboudi, Dorothé Azilinon
Pages : 106-119
Année de publication : 2018
Revue : Energy and Power Engineering, 2018, 10, 106-119
N° de volume : Vol.10 No.3 2018! [ID: 6202119
Type : Article
Mise en ligne par : NDIAYE Mame Mor Diarra