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Energy-efficient and real-time databases management techniques for wireless sensor networks

Technological advances in recent years have allowed the maturity of wireless sensor networks (WSNs), which aim at performing environmental monitoring and data collection. This sort of network is composed of hundreds, thousands or probably even millions of tiny smart computers known as wireless sensor nodes, which are capable of sensing, processing and transmitting information about the environmentinwhichtheyaredeployed.Sensorsareusuallyscatteredaroundagiven geographicalenvironment formeasuring physicaldata orperforming event detection. These sensors organise themselves in ad hoc manner, without fixed infrastructure. Generally, the measured data is sent towards one or several sink nodes in order to be accessible by remote users through application-level gateway, for example, global sensor network [1–3]. To retrieve the data, users should use applications that provide supports of efficient query management techniques, which allow communication with the network [4–6]. An illustration of a WSN is given on Figure 5.1.

Auteur(s) : Ousmane Diallo, J. R. Rodrigues, Mbaye Sene
Pages : pp. 91 à 107
Année de publication : 2015
Revue : Clean Mobility and Intelligent Transport Systems, Michele Fliorini & Jia-Chin Lin (eds), Publication : IET Digital Library
Type : Article
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