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Primary  Tumors  of  the  Upper  Urinary  Tract:   Report  of  4  Cases

Primary   tumors   of   the   upper   urinary   tract   are   rarely   reported   in   the   literature.   We   thus   report   here   four   cases   of   primary   tumors   of   the   upper   urinary   tract   that   were   difficult   to   diagnose,   in   three   women   and   one   man.   Preoperative   diagnosis   was   established   in   only   two   cases   requiring   a   nephro-­?ureterectomy.   The   other   two   cases   were   surprisingly   diagnosed   during   anatomopatho-­?   logical   examination.   Preoperative   diagnosis   was   a   pyonephrosis   in   one   case   and   a   renal   failure   resulting  from  stenosis  of  the  pelvic  ureter  in  the  other.  Despite  modern  methods,  primary  tumors   of  the  upper  urinary  tract  remain  difficult  to  diagnose.

Auteur(s) : Lamine  Niang1,  Charles  Kouka2,  Yoro  Diallo2*,  Me?dina  Ndoye1,  Racine  Kane1,     Mohamed  Jalloh1,  Abdoulaye  Ndiaye1,  Issa
Pages : 115-120
Année de publication : 2014
Revue : Open journal of urology
N° de volume : 4
Type : Article
Mise en ligne par : NIANG Lamine