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Urban impact in groundwater levels in Dakar shallow aquifer (SENEGAL)

The Quaternary Sandy sediments which cover most part of the Cap Vert peninsula bear considerable groundwater resources. The aquifer laying beneath a densely populated suburb zone is encountered major issues such as induced recharge from anthropogenic surface derived pollution and rising water table to groundsurface. This groundwater level rising contributes in part to recurrent urban flooding events in recent years, causing environmental and health problems. In this context, the present study aims at characterizing urban and rainfall impact on the groundwater level of Dakar quaternary sandy aquifer using long term groundwater monitoring levels and rainfall data. Monthly rainfall analysis in Dakar-yoff meteorological station indicate rainfall deficit since 1970. Seasonal fluctuations of groundwater levels in response to precipitation are monitored during time period (2010-2012) using “Thalimede Orpheus mini” recorders in two piezometers located in the suburban area (P3-1 and PSQ1) in order to determine groundwater fluctuations in response to rainfall events. In addition to that, long term water level records in few piezometers, located in the inhabited area (PS10, PS11, P2-10, P2-9 and P2-7) and in the urban area (P2-6, P2-2 and P2-5) were investigated to infer urban and rainfall impact in the groundwater levels. Results indicated a groundwater levels rising in the periurban area due to waste water infiltration and a water levels decline in the inhabited areas related to rainfall deficit since the 70s.

Auteur(s) : Diouf, O.C., Faye, S.C., Diedhiou, .M., Faye, S., Faye, A. Wohnlich, S.
Pages : 37-43
Année de publication : 2013
Revue : Research Journal of Chemical and Environmental Sciences
N° de volume : Volume 1 Issue 4
Type : Article
Mise en ligne par : DIOUF Ousmane Coly