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Use of a Fluoride Waste in the Raw Mix for Clinker Manufacturing

This study aims at using a mixture of calcium fluoride and calcium silicate (CFS), which is a by- product from the process of working-up aqueous fluosilicic acid solutions, in the raw mix for clinker manufacturing. The core objective is to lower the temperature of the buring process and to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions. The addition of 12.5% of this industrial waste which acts as a mineralizer reduced the temperature for clinker burning to 1373 K and the carbon dioxide emissions to about 30%. This reduction of temperature improved the clinkering process and conserved energy efficient. The obtained clinker with l.96% of free lime content could lead to an enhancement of the cement quality. Volumetric analysis of free lime content and X-ray fluorescence were used to characterize the synthesized clinker. The kinetic model of the burning processhighlighted an activation energy of 82.347 kJ/mol.

Auteur(s) : Alpha Ousmane Touré, Dame Keinde, Falilou Mbacké Sambe, Maci Joseph and Codou Gueye Mar Diop
Pages : 1-6
Année de publication : 2017
Revue : American-Eurasian Journal of Scientific Research
N° de volume : 12 (1)
Type : Article
Mise en ligne par : TOURE Alpha Ousmane