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A Token-based MAC protocol for Linear Sensor Networks

A wireless sensor network is a large number of sensor nodes deployed in a fixed or random manner over a wide area for environmental monitoring applications. Wireless sensors communicate via wireless links and are powered by batteries. They collect and provide information to the base station usually called sink. The information collected is generally physical, chemical or biological nature. For some of these applications, as pipeline or road monitoring, wireless sensor nodes have to be deployed in a linear manner. We refer to these WSNs as Linear Sensor Networks (LSNs). Due to specificity of LSNs, MAC protocol designed for WSNs, as contention or TDMA based protocols, are often not suitable. Furthermore, wireless node deployment can provide a certain form of redundancy to prevent link or node failures. In this paper, we propose a token based MAC protocol for linear sensor networks in order to improve the network performance. We evaluate the effect of the redundancy on the throughput and on the end-to-end delay.

Auteur(s) : El Hadji Malick Ndoye, Frédérique Jacquet, Michel Misson, and Ibrahima Niang
Pages : pp. 31-40
Année de publication : 2015
Revue : Sensors & Transducers journal
N° de volume : Vol.189, Issue 6
Type : Article
Mise en ligne par : NIANG Ibrahima