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Diagnosis Study of the Louga-Ouarack-Ndoyene R31 Regional Road (Senegal)

The degree of structural damage of the Louga-Ouarack-Ndoyene R31 regional road was surveyed using Lacroix deflectographe and geotechnical testing, in order to recommend possible rehabilita- tion measures aimed at maintaining the high level of service over the projected life span of the road. The data processing and interpretation were essentially based on the French standards and specifications, through which synthetic variables were generated with a qualitative significance and on the basis of which the extent of repairs and rehabilitation works to be undertaken were sug- gested. The decision grid thus produced, revealed road structure quality indices of mostly Q3, Q4, and Q5 types for a segment length of 36.954 km (equivalent to some 69.44% of the total road sec- tion), which justifies some major reinforcement works. The remaining part of the road section (near- ly 30.56% with road quality indices ? Q2) is still in acceptable condition, requiring only some mi- nor maintenance works. The rehabilitation costs were estimated to be of the order of 5,352,000,000 (five billion three hundred fifty-two million) CFA francs, based on local market price conditions.

Auteur(s) : Seybatou Diop, Meissa Fall, Adama Dione and Moshod N. Tijani
Pages : 34-44
Année de publication : 2015
Revue : Geomaterials
N° de volume : Vol.5, No.1
Type : Article
Mise en ligne par : DIOP Seybatou