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Evaluation of Creatininemia during the First Twelve Months of Treatment in Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis (Mdr-Tb) Patient

This was a prospective, longitudinal and analytical study. It was carried out at the Unit of Medical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in 2014. Its purpose was to assess changes in creatininemia during the first twelve months of the second-line treatment of MDR-TB. It included 39 patients selected from the MDR-TB cohort at the National TB Control Program (NTP) in Dakar. The creatininemia dosage was performed with the Jaffe method with the A15 BioSystems analyzer at different periods during treatment (M0, M1, M2, M6 and M12). The results of creatininemia were normal during treatment with respective averages of 0.886 mg / dl, 0.870 mg / dl, 0.878 mg / dl, 0.886 mg / dl and 0.941 mg / dl. The T-test did not show any statistically different significance with p = 0.999. A patient presented a high creatininemia of 2.4 mg/dl during the treatment at M1, a value that was normalized at M2 and remained alike until M12. Three subjects presented an increase in creatinine at the twelfth month of treatment, between 1.6 and 1.7 mg / dl. Renal disease is rare, few cases encountered criminalize rifampicin, absent in the treatment of our patients.

Auteur(s) : A. Samba1*, F. Diallo1, A. Ndiaye1, S. Lo2, F. Cisse1, S. Thiam1, D. Doupa2, G. N. Sarr1, A. Diatta3, N. D. Sall1, M. Toure1.
Pages : 189-192
Année de publication : 2016
Revue : Asian Journal of Biochemical and Pharmaceutical Research
N° de volume : 6(2)
Type : Article
Mise en ligne par : SAMBA Abdourahmane