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Contributions to the Determination of Histamine rate by Measuring out the Histamine-Orthophthalaldehyde Complex in the Absorption and Fluorescence

Histamine is an important compound from a physiological point of view, but it is toxic since the absorption of low amounts of histamine can cause abdominal pains accompanied with vomiting. Why we have developed a new method for histamine analysis in order to improve Lerke and Bell method. From the absorption spectra, we showed that the stoichiometry of the complex histamine–orthophthalaldehyde (OPA) is 1:1. From the emission spectra, it was observed that the complex fluorescence is inhibited in acidic medium. In alkaline medium, an exaltation of fluorescence was observed, but the complex histamine–OPA was unstable. Nevertheless, kinetic study showed that good linear correlations between the fluorescence maxima of the formed complex and the histamine concentration could be obtained in this alkaline medium.

Auteur(s) : S.E. Douabalé, M. Dione, A. Coly, A. Tine
Pages : 581-590
Année de publication : 2003
Revue : Talanta
N° de volume : 60
Type : Article
Mise en ligne par : COLY Atanasse