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Simultaneous determination of sulfonylurea herbicide synthetic binary mixtures by a partial least square method combined with micellar-enhanced photochemically-induced fluorescence. Applications to tap water analysis

A combination of the partial least square method in its first variable (PLS-1) with micellar-enhanced photochemically- induced fluorescence (MEPIF) was developed for the simultaneous determination of synthetic binary mixtures of four sulfonylurea herbicides in aqueous micellar solutions, and applied to tap water analysis. Because of their similar features, the MEPIF emission spectra of these herbicides were found to severely overlap in the whole wavelength region. After optimization of the calibration matrix, the PLS-1-MEPIF method was applied to the resolution of chlorsulfuron/metsulfuron methyl and sulfometuron methyl/3-rimsulfuron binary mixtures. The analytical results obtained by the PLS-1-MEPIF method were presented and compared to those of the first-derivative PIF one. An application of the PLS-1-MEPIF method to the quantitative analysis of Paris tap water samples spiked with the herbicide binary mixtures led to recovery values ranging between 63 and 118 %, depending on the mixture.

Auteur(s) : Atanasse Coly, Jean-Jacques Aaron
Pages : 33-40
Année de publication : 2009
Revue : Macedonian Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
N° de volume : 27 (2)
Type : Article
Mise en ligne par : COLY Atanasse