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Effect of Addition of Pd, CO and Pd-CO ON CeO2. Syngas Conversion and Acetaldehyde Reaction

Ethanol was observed from the reaction of CO/H2 + CH2Cl2 on Pd/CeO2 as well as from the reaction of CO/H2 on Pd-Co/CeO2. This result clearly indicates that Co sites provide CHx species responsible for ethanol formation. Intimate contact between Pd and Co was most likely formed since TPR indicated that both metals were reduced at the same temperature. Moreover, acetaldehyde TPD showed that ethanol produced by acetaldehyde hydrogenation desorbed at only one peak temperature which might be indicative of a single type of active site.

Auteur(s) : H. Idriss, C. Diagne, J.P. Hindermann, A. Kinnemann, M.A. Barteau
Pages : 2119–2122
Année de publication : 1993
Revue : Studies in Surface Science and Catalysis
N° de volume : 75
Type : Article
Mise en ligne par : DIAGNE Cheikh Talibouya