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Chlorido[N'-(2-oxydobenzilidene)acetohydrazide)-?2O,N,O']copper(II) hydrate

In the title complex, [Cu(C9H9N2O2)Cl]·2H2O, prepared from the Schiff base ligand N'-(2-hydroxy­benzil­idene)aceto­hydrazide and copper(II) chloride, the CuII atom is coord­inated by two O atoms and one N atom from the ligand and by a Cl atom in a distorted square-planar geometry. The two donor O atoms of the tridentate Schiff base ligand are in a trans arrangement. In the crystal structure, there is an extensive inter­molecular hydrogen-bonding network; N-H...O, O-H...O and O-H...Cl inter­actions, involving the uncoordinated water mol­ecules, lead to the formation of a two-dimensional network parallel to the ab plane.

Auteur(s) : F. B. Tamboura, M. GAYE, A. S. SALL, A. H. BARRY and Y. BAH
Pages : m160-m161
Année de publication : 2009
Revue : Acta Crystallographica E
N° de volume : E65
Type : Article
Mise en ligne par : GAYE Mohamed Lamine