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Left Paraduodenal Hernia: An Unusual Cause of Acute Intestinal Obstruction

Internal hernia is an unusual pathology. They are underestimated becauseit is usually asymptomatic. The diagnosis is usually done during a complication like the acute intestinal obstruction. We report a case of left paraduodenal internal hernia. He was received at the emergency in a clinical presentation of acute intestinal obstruction. The abdomino- pelvicCT scan could not confirm the diagnosis in preoperative. The laparotomy confirms the diagnosis. The treatment consisted in the reduction of intestines and the closing of the bag. The post-operative was simple after a year of follow-up. Keywords: internal hernia, paraduodenal hernia, rare hernia, intestinal obstruction

Auteur(s) : Thiam O*, Toure AO, Gueye ML, Seck M, Cisse M, Foba ML, Ka O, Dieng M, Dia A, Toure CT
Année de publication : 2015
Revue : American Journal of Medical Case Reports
Type : Article
Mise en ligne par : SECK Mamadou