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Epidemiology and clinical study of pediatric psoriasis on black skin in Dakar, Senegal

Introduction: In subsaharian African countries there are so few data concerning the psoriasis of the child. Our objective was to determine the epidemiological, clinical and therapeutic aspects of the pediatric psoriasis in a dermatology unit, at Dakar in Senegal. Patients and methods: This was an 8 years (2004-2011) retrospective study conducted at the Dermatological clinic of HALD. All patients under 16 years old with psoriasis were included. Results: We report 40 cases of psoriasis of the child. The sex ratio was 1.05 and the average age of 6 years. The atopic status was found in 4 cases as follows: 3 cases of asthma and 1 case of atopic dermatitis. The average time of consultation was 5 months. The way the patients consulted was: 28 cases consulted a general practitioner, 6 cases seen by a paramedic and 5 patients consulted a traditional healer. The pruritus was present in 14 patients. The psoriasis vulgaris was the predominant form with 20 cases. The other forms were: 12 cases of guttate psoriasis, 6 cases of psoriasis universalis, 1 case in pustular and 1 case erythrodermic. The topical glucocorticoids were prescribed in all the patients. The recurrence was found in 5 cases and 8 patients were lost of follow up. Conclusion: Psoriasis is a rare and benign condition in children with predominance of simple forms such as psoriasis vulgaris. Keywords: Psoriasis, Children, Dakar

Auteur(s) : Ndiaye Maodo, Dioussé Pauline, Diallo Moussa, Diop Assane, Diatta Boubacar Ahy, Niang Suzanne Oumou, Diallo Salimatou, Seck Ndeye Bougoul, Diadie Sae
Année de publication : 2013
Type : Article
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