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New line positions analysis of the nu1+nu2+nu3 band ofNO2 at 3637.848cm-1

Using high resolution Fourier transform spectra, a new investigation of the ?1+?2+?3 absorption band of nitrogen dioxide, 14N16O2, located at 3637.8479(3)cm-1 was performed. The assigned ?1+?2+?3 lines involve energy levels of the (1,1,1) vibrational state with rotational quantum numbers up to Ka=12and N=54. The energy levels were satisfactorily reproduced within their experimental uncertainty using a theoretical model which takes explicitly into account the Coriolis interactions coupling the (1,1,1) levels with those of the (1,3,0) and (2,1,0) dark states, together with the spin–rotation interactions within (1,1,1) and (1,3,0) and (2,1,0). As a consequence, precise vibrational energies, rotational, spin–rotational and coupling constants were achieved for the triad {(2,1,0),(1,3,0),(1,1,1)} of interacting states of 14N16O2. Using these parameters together with the transition moment operator of the ?1+?3 band achieved during previous studies [Mandin JY, DanaV, PerrinA, FlaudJM, amy-PeyretC, RégaliaL, BarbeA, JMolSpectrosc1997;181: 379–388], we have generated an improved set of line parameters (line positions and line intensities) for the ?1+?2+?3-?2 hot band of 14 N16O2 which absorbs together with the ?1+?3 cold band in the 3.4 ùm region.

Auteur(s) : F.Gueye , F.KwabiaTchana , X.Landsheere, A.Perrin
Pages : 60-69
Année de publication : 2014
Revue : Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer
N° de volume : 138
Type : Article
Mise en ligne par : GUEYE Fatou Ka