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Inherited epidermolysis bullosa: Case report of finger localization

Inherited epidermolysis bullosa is a rare condition that often present at birth with skin blisters and erosions. They are associated with defective cohesion of the dermis and epidermis. There are 3 principal types: Simple, junctional and dystrophic. The severity of the condition is quite variable. The most severe forms are incompatible with life. The most common types in our country are the severe ones such as the Hallopeau -Siemens subtype. Hands and mucosal areas can develop synechia. We report here a case of dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa in a 27-year-old woman whose finger lesion was managed surgically. This treatment consisted of complete removal of constrictions and adhesions, accompanied by use of a Hueston flap and skin graft to repair the tissue deficit. The patient’s clinical course required several repeat operations. This surgery allowed the possible total loss of hand function to be delayed but the inevitable progression of the illness made the treatment somewhat disappointing. Psychosocial implications are very significant in our setting.

Auteur(s) : Anne- Aurore Sankale, Ndeye Fatou Coulibaly1, Lamine Ndiaye, Hugues Tiemdjo1
Pages : 568-571
Année de publication : 2012
Revue : Indian Journal of Plastic Surgery
N° de volume : Vol 45 Issue 3
Type : Article
Statut Editorial : case report
Mise en ligne par : COULIBALY Ndèye Fatou