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Level of knowledge and dispositions of dental surgeons in Burkina Faso regarding endodontic emergencies

Introduction : Treatment of emergencies stemming from endodontic issues in a dental surgery requires making a precise diagnosis and performing an emergency procedure that may also entail prescription of drugs to treat the condition. The aim of this work was hence to assess the surgical procedures and the use of prescription drugs by dental surgeons in Burkina Faso to manage the treatment of such emergencies. Materials and methodsThis was a descriptive cross-sectional study conducted with dental surgeons in Burkina Faso. Occupational data regarding the practitioner, the surgical procedure, and the medications prescribed were obtained and compiled using a data collection form to assess the approaches used by practitioners to address endodontic emergencies. Results Thirty-three practitioners participated in this study. The results revealed that suitable emergency procedures were used by most dentists (78.8%) to treat hyperemic pulp, while for acute irreversible pulpitis this figure was 90.9%, acute apical periodontitis 51.5%, and for an acute apical abscess it was 72.7%. By contrast, prescription of medications for such emergency conditions was found to often be inappropriate. Furthermore, analysis of the results regarding the occupationaldata and the data concerning specifics relating to the treatments investigated in this study have shown that, irrespective of the sector of their engagement, dental surgeons invariably prescribed drugs whether or not a surgical procedure was performed.Conclusion This study has shown that there is ample room for improving endodontic emergency treatments in Burkina Faso.

Pages : 4 Pages
Année de publication : 2015
Revue : International Journal of Dentistry and Oral Health
N° de volume : 2(1)
Type : Article
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