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Thermochromic VO2 thin films synthesized by rf-inverted cylindrical magnetron sputtering

The novel physical vapor deposition called inverted cylindrical magnetron sputtering (also known as hollow cathode sputtering) is commonly used to coat wires, fibers, ribbons as well as all sides of three-dimensional substrates. It is a reproducible method for the production of nanostructured systems onto complex shapes substrates. This paper reports the first synthesis and feasibility of reliably reproduced stoichiometric pure textured VO2 nano-structures by the rf-inverted cylindrical magnetron sputtering. Morphological, structural, elemental analysis and optical properties of synthesized VO2 under optimized conditions are reported.

Auteur(s) : J.B. Kana Kana, J.M. Ndjaka, P.O. Ateba, B.D. Ngom, N. Manyala, O. Nemraoui, A.C. Beye and M. Maza.
Pages : 3963
Année de publication : 2008
Revue : Applied Surface Science,
N° de volume : 254
Type : Article
Mise en ligne par : NGOM Balla Diop