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Operation Optimal Dynamics of a Hybrid Electrical System:Multi-Agent Approach

This paper presents a decentralized management system of a hybrid agent paradigm-based electrical system. The management strategy aims at quantifying and controlling production sources to adapt the energy consumed by consumption sources to that supplied by the system renewable production sources while reducing the operating cost of the system. A multi-agent system, where each production and consumption source is modeled by an agent, is proposed to represent the electrical system. The suggested strategy, which is based on an economic model designed to control the energy produced by the production sources and that required by the consumption sources, made it possible to reduce the system production cost. It optimizes the production cost for the operator and improves the energy use without compromising the user's energy needs and comfort.

Auteur(s) : Abdoul K. Mbodji, Mamadou L. NDIAYE, El hadji M. NDIAYE and Papa A. NDIAYE
Pages : 454–461
Année de publication : 2014
Revue : Procedia Computer Science
N° de volume : 36
Type : Article
Statut Editorial : Published
Mise en ligne par : NDIAYE Mamadou Lamine