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A case of cervical Pott's disease revealed by parapharyngeal abscess

Abstract INTRODUCTION: We report a case of cervical Pott's disease revealed by parapharyngeal abscess. CASE REPORT: A seven-year-old boy was admitted with a three-week history of painful fluctuating left lateral cervical swelling, associated with night sweats. Examination found trismus, through which a lateral pharyngeal bulge could be observed. Incision and drainage of the abscess on a combined cervical-oropharyngeal approach was performed under general anesthesia, associated to non-specific antibiotherapy by parenteral route. Bacteriology was negative. After one week of antibiotherapy, fever persisted with onset of torticollis. A diagnosis of tuberculosis was considered. Tuberculin skin test was positive at 16.5 mm. A second sample by pharyngeal aspiration showed caseous pus with acid-fast bacilli. Cervical spine CT found a retrostyloid abscess with atlantoaxial lysis. Cervical Pott's disease complicated by Grisel syndrome was diagnosed. Antituberculosis therapy was initiated. Results at five months' follow-up were satisfactory. DISCUSSION/CONCLUSION: Parapharyngeal abscess with an etiology of Pott's disease is rare. Modern imaging is highly contributive to diagnosis and follow-up of lesion regression under treatment. Copyright © 2011 Elsevier Masson SAS. All rights reserved.

Auteur(s) : E. S. Diom, C. Ndiaye, A. B. Djafarou, I. C. Ndiaye, P. M. Faye, A. Tall, M. Ndiaye, B. K. Diallo, R. Diouf, E. M. Diop
Pages : 151-3
Année de publication : 2011
Revue : Eur Ann Otorhinolaryngol Head Neck Dis. 2011 Jun;128(3):151-3. doi: 10.1016/j.anorl.2010.12.005. Epub 2011 Mar 9.
N° de volume : 128(3)
Type : Article
Statut Editorial : Publié
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