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5.Evaluation de l’état et du devenir du matériel de base destiné à la prise en charge du nouveau-né à la naissance dans les structures sanitaires périphériques au Sénégal, après un recul de trois ans

Neonatal mortality is a major public health problem. The main causes are infections, prematurity and asphyxia at birth. In view of reducing this high mortality, primary healthcare facilities were equipped with basic equipment for the care of newborns and their key workers were trained in essential newborn care. Three years after this implementation, the present study assesses the state and conditions of use of this basic equipment intended for taking care of newborns at birth. This assessment was conducted from 16 March to 3 April 2009. It was based on observations and interviews on a sample of healthcare facilities. Healthcare facilities were generally equipped with ventilator bags and masks (87%) (60/69). In more than half of the healthcare centers (20/38), they were not used often because the workers were renewed and not educated in their use. They were practically all in good condition. Eighty-five percent (59/69) of healthcare facilities had at least one aspirator, generally adapted to newborns (negative pressure, 100 mmHg). The maintenance of the material was globally satisfactory because the aspirator bottles were most often clean. As for the aspirator tubes, they were always available but a few cases of supply rupture were observed in some healthcare centers. The warming table was available in only 52% (36/69) of healthcare facilities. Fifteen tables did not comply with initial specifications. This assessment highlights that the basic equipment intended for newborn care was generally available, functional and maintained well after 3 years. This strategy could be scaled up in order to contribute to reducing the newborn mortality.

Auteur(s) : Sylla A, Diouf C, Thiam A, Narayanan I, Gueye M, Fall AL, N.R. Diagne-Gueye , Moreira C, Ndiaye O, Sall MG
Pages : 355 - 360
Année de publication : 2012
Revue : Archive de pédiatrie
N° de volume : 19
Type : Article
Mise en ligne par : MOREIRA Claude