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Steganography is the art of secret communication [1] Since the advent of modern steganography, in the 2000s, many approaches based on error correcting codes (Hamming, BCH, RS ...) have been proposed to reduce the number of changes in the roof while inserting the maximum bit. Jessica Fridrich's works have shown that sparse codes best approach the theoretical limit of efficiency of insertion. Our research works are a continuation of those on low-density codes (LDGM) proposed by T. Filler in 2007. In this paper we propose a new approach to correcting codes using LDPC codes rather than LDGM. The complexity of our approach is much less than that of T. Filler which makes it usable in practice.

Auteur(s) : I. DIOP1 , S .M FARSSI1 , M.CHAUMONT2,3,4,O. KHOUMA, H. B DIOUF, K .TALL1 , K .SYLLA
Pages : 103/109
Année de publication : 2012
Revue : Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology
N° de volume : Vol. 38 No.1
Type : Article
Mise en ligne par : DIOP Idy