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Using of Polar Codes in Steganography

In this paper, we propose a new steganographic scheme based on the polar codes. The scheme works according to two steps. The first offers a stego vector from given cover vector and message. The stego vector provided by the first method can be the optimal; in this case, the insertion is successful with a very low complexity. Otherwise, we formalize our problem in a linear program form with initial solution the stego vector given by the first method, to converge to the optimal solution. Our scheme works with the case of a constant profile as well with any profile; it is then adapted to the case of wet paper. Tests on multiple gray scale images showed its good performance in terms of minimizing the embedding impact

Auteur(s) : Idy Diop, Birahime Diouf, Sidi Mohamed Farssi, K. Tall, P.A. Fall, A.K. Diop, K. Sylla
Année de publication : June
Revue : Advances in Intelligent Systems Research
Type : Article
Mise en ligne par : DIOP Idy