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Seasonal assement of wind energy characteristics for electricity generation in the sites of Kayar and Potou Senegal

In this paper, the wind characteristics and wind potential of two sites ( Kayar and Potou) located in the northern coast of Senegal, are analyzed through the use of the wind speed data collected during a period of one year (August 2007–July 2008). We have used programs developed using Matlab to calculate seasonal wind potential, annual output energy and annual capacity factor instead of using software such as Wasp and WindPro which cannot make these calculations. The annual wind speed distribution curves of the two sites are obtained by using the Weibull distribution function. The mean Weibull shape parameter (k) and the scale parameter (c) are respectively determined for the two sites by using the wind data extrapolated at the height of 70 m. The annual mean wind speed and the corresponding power density are calculated. Results show that the highestmeanwind speed is observed for the dry season in the two sites. A technical assessment of wind electricity generation by means nine wind turbines, from several manufacturers, has been performed for the two sites. Calculations from the wind turbines characteristics enable us to conclude about the most adapted wind turbine for electricity generation in the two sites forastandalone wind energy application

Auteur(s) : 17-Ould Bilal B. Ndiaye PA, Kebe CM, Sambou V and Ndongo M
Pages : 9-13
Année de publication : 2012.
Revue : Rev.CAMES-Série, A
N° de volume : 13(1)
Type : Article
Statut Editorial : JOur
Mise en ligne par : NDIAYE Papa Alioune Sarr