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Feasibility Study of Wind Energy Potential for Electricity Generation in the Northwestern Coast of Senegal

The aim of this paper is to determine the wind energy potential for electricity generation in the northwestern coast of Senegal. The wind characteristics and wind energy potential in eight sites (Kayar, Potou, Gandon, Sakhor, Sine Moussa Abdou, Botla, Dara Andal and Nguebeul) are analyzed using the wind speed data collected during a period of one year for each site. The annual mean wind speed and the power density were computed. Results obtained show that the annual mean wind speed varies between 5.28 m/s in Potou (at 30 m) and 3.10 m/s in Dara Andal (at 7 m). The corresponding power density varies between 120.01W/m² and 30.05 W/m² respectively. A technical assessment of electricity generation from three big wind turbines and from three small wind turbines was carried out. Results show that the highest capacity factor was 39% observed in Sokhar for the wind turbine Yellow- Sand, whereas the lowest capacity factor was 5% in Gandon for the wind turbine Ecotecnia 80. The highest output energy was 4,517,900k Wh/year in Sokhar for the wind turbine Repower, while the lowest output energy was 312 kWh/year observed in Gandon for the wind turbine Inclin 600.

Auteur(s) : 8-B. Ould Bilal, M. Ndongo, C.M.F. Kebe, V. Sambou, P.A. Ndiaye
Pages : 1119 – 1129
Année de publication : 2013
Revue : Energy Procedia
N° de volume : 36
Type : Article
Statut Editorial : Journal
Mise en ligne par : NDIAYE Papa Alioune Sarr