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Structural evolution and epitaxial stabilisation of pulsed laser deposited Sm0.55Nd0.45NiO3 solid solution nanostructured films on undoped Si (1 0 0) and NdGaO3 substrates

We report on the effects of substrate, ambient oxygen pressure and deposition time on the crystal structure, and morphology of Sm0.55Nd0.45NiO3 solid solution nanostructured films synthesized by pulsed-laser deposition. In each film the structure was found to be consistent with a perovskite structure with preferential planes growth and reveals a strong orientation along the orthorhombic (2 1 0) plane of the perovskite subcell for the film deposited on NdGaO3 where highly crystalline films were obtained within 15 min deposition time with a low surface roughness of 8.79 nm. Similar structure is observed on Si (1 0 0) substrate only at O2 pressure of 0.4 mbar. The surface morphology of the different samples shows a net dense film structure with several droplets population. The nanoscaled droplets are in general spherical in shape; a detailed analysis indicates that the laser ablation of this nickelate family is governed to a certain extent by a heat transfer phenomenon.

Auteur(s) : B.D. Ngom, R. Madjoe , S. Fall , J.B. kana Kana , N. Manyala , A. Forbes , R. Nemutudi , A.Y. Fasasi , M. Maaza , A.C. Beye
Pages : 722–729
Année de publication : 2010
Revue : Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids
N° de volume : 71
Type : Article
Mise en ligne par : NGOM Balla Diop