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Hexanuclear copper(II) complex of 2-hydroxyN,N0-bis[1-(2-hydroxyphenyl)ethylidene]propane1,3-diamine incorporating an open-cubane core

The title mol­ecular structure, namely, di­aqua­tris­(?3-1,3-bis­{[1-(2-oxidophen­yl)ethyl­idene]amino}­propan-2-olato)-?3-hydroxido-dinitrato­hexa­copper(II) ethanol tris­olvate, [Cu6(C19H19N2O3)3(NO3)2(OH)(H2O)2]·3C2H5OH, corres­ponds to a non-symmetric hexa­nuclear copper complex. The complex exhibits one core in which three CuII metal centres are mutually inter­connected, two by two, via three phenolato oxygen anions acting in a ?2-mode. These three copper cations are inter­connected in a ?3-mode by one hydroxyl group. An open-cube structure is generated in which each of the CuII cations of the three CuO4N units is connected by two ?2-O anions from phenolate groups and one ?3-O atom from a hy­droxy anion. Each of the three penta­coordinated CuII cations situated in the open-cube unit has a distorted NO4 square-pyramidal environment. Each of these three CuII centres is inter­connected with another CuII cation via one enolate O atom in ?2-mode, yielding one CuNO4 unit and two CuNO3 units. The penta­coordinated CuII atom has a distorted square-pyramidal environment while the two tetra­coordinated copper(II) cations are situated in a square-planar environment. A series of intra­molecular O—H...O hydrogen bonds are observed. In the crystal, the units are connected two by two by inter­molecular C—H...O and O—H...O hydrogen bonds, thus forming sheets parallel to the ac plane.

Auteur(s) : Momath Kébé, Ibrahima Elhadji Thiam, Mouhamadou Moustapha Sow, Ousmane Diouf, Aliou Hamady Barry, Abdou Salam Sall, Pascal Retailleau and Mohamed Gaye
Pages : 708-713
Année de publication : 2021
Revue : Acta Cryst. (2021). E77, 708–713
N° de volume : E77
Type : Article
Mise en ligne par : GAYE Mohamed Lamine