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Hepatitis B, C seroprevalence and delta viruses in HIV-1 Senegalese patients at HAART initiation (retrospective study)

The aim of this study was to determine hepatitis co-infection in a cohort of HIV infected patients at their inclusion in the Senegalese Initiative of ART Access. B, C, and D Hepatitis viruses serological markers were checked retrospectively on 363 stored plasma. For HBV, the Abbott laboratories equipment IMx was used to detect HBs Ag and anti Core Ab on negative HBs Ag samples. For HDV, anti Delta Ab was performed using the Abbott Murex Kit on all HBs Ag positive samples. For HCV, anti HCV Ab was detected by IMx as double screening test and confirmed by INNO-LIA(TM) HCV Core of Innogenetics laboratories. The statistical analysis was done with STATA V8. The study population was composed of 164 men and 199 women aged between 16 and 66 years. The immune and virological markers averages at their enrollment were 154 cell/mm(3) for TLCD4+ (n = 355 patients) and 4.9 log for viral load (n = 277 patients). HBs Ag was found in 61 patients or 16.8% and the prevalence of anti-HBc Ab was 83.2% (252/295). 2 patients or 3% on HBs Ag positive sample presents HBV/HDV co-infection Ab anti HCV was detects in 6 patients or 1.6% after confirmation and 2 patients had triple infection with HBV. These results showed that the prevalence of HBV and HCV in the population of persons living with HIV/AIDS in Senegal is similar to that found in the general population. Our data indicated that hepatitis pathology in the PLwHIV was essentially due to HBV. Further studies are needed to diagnose occult hepatitis in order to set up therapeutic strategies taking into account co-infections by hepatitis viruses in the ART programmes.

Auteur(s) : H Diop-Ndiaye 1, C Touré-Kane, J F Etard, G Lô, Pa Diaw, N F Ngom-Gueye, P M Gueye, K Ba-Fall, I Ndiaye, P S Sow, E Delaporte, S Mboup
Pages : 1332-6
Année de publication : 2008
Revue : J Med Virol
N° de volume : 80(8)
Type : Article
Mise en ligne par : DIOP Halimatou