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Moderate rate of transmitted resistance mutations to antiretrovirals and genetic diversity in newly HIV-1 patients diagnosed in Benin

Objective: Seventeen years after the start of the IBAARV (Beninese initiative for access to antiretrovirals), transmitted drug resistance mutations in ARV-naïve patients and HIV-1 genetic diversity were investigated in Benin. Results: Drug resistance mutations were detected in (27/248; 10.9%) according to the WHO SDRM 2009 list, with a predominance of mutations directed against NNRTIs drugs (24/248; 10%). Phylogenetic and recombination analyses showed a predominance of CRF02_AG strains (165/248; 66.5%) and a high genetic diversity with five other variants and 39 URFs (15.7%) which contained portions of strains that co-circulate in Benin. Eight recent transmission chains revealed active ongoing transmission of HIV-1 strains among ARV-naïve patients. Our study showed a moderate primary drug resistance mutations rate and also provided recent data on the HIV-1 variants that circulate in Benin. Regular monitoring of primary drug resistance is required to adapt HIV-1 treatment strategies and adoption of new WHO recommendations in Benin.

Auteur(s) : Edmond Tchiakpe 1 2, Rene K Keke 3, Nicole Vidal 4, Clément Ahoussinou 5, Olga Sekpe 3, Hermione G Dagba 3, Eric Gbaguidi 6, Conrad Tonoukouen 6, Aldr
Année de publication : 2020
Revue : BMC Res Notes
N° de volume : 13(1):314
Type : Article
Mise en ligne par : DIOP Halimatou