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Atlantoaxoid subluxation by suboccipital Pott's disease: Arthrodesis using the Harms technique. About a case and review of the literature

Introduction: The suboccipital location of Pott's disease is exceptional, and may be complicated by compression of the bulbomedullary junction. Case Report: We report the case of a young patient of 32 years of age, received in a table of spastic tetraplegia preceded by cervicalgia without associated sensory or sphincter disorders. Computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging of the cervico-occipital hinge showed C1-C2 subluxation with osteolysis of the C1 arches, bone sequestration, and anterior compression of the bulbomedullary junction, requiring arthrodesis using the Harms technique. Diagnostic confirmation was obtained by pathological examination of bone fragments and epidural tissue removed per operation. Tuberculosis chemotherapy was started for 16 months. Progression was favorable with motor recovery allowing unaided walking. Conclusion: The surgical indication of these all tuberculosis localizations depends on the presence of bulbomedullary compression and/or cervico-occipital hinge instability.

Auteur(s) : Mohameth Faye, Louncény Fatoumata Barry, Abdoulaye Diop, Elhadj Cheikh Ndiaye Sy, Yakhya Cisse, Seydou Boubakar Badiane
Pages : 1-6
Année de publication : 2020
Revue : case reports international
N° de volume : 9
Type : Article
Statut Editorial : en ligne
Mise en ligne par : SY El Hadji Cheikh Ndiaye