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Total Mercury and Methylmercury Distribution in Paguellus bellottii Fish from Soumbedioune Beach, Senegal

Paguellus bellottii fish proceeding from Soumbedioune beach (Senegal) were analyzed to evaluate their contents of total mercury and methylmercury. Sirnplified analytical procedures (rnicrowave digestion and ultrasonic assisted extraction) were used for sample preparation. The total mercury content in fish varied between 0.0626-0.3542 !lglg, dry weight. The ANOV A analysis allows to conclude that significant differences (p <0.05) were not found between Paguellus bellottii fish from Soumbedioune beach. However, the mercury levels obtained were always lower than the European legislation limits for fish. The ratio methylmercury/total mercury varied between 42.3-42.8 % in fish tissues. A satisfactory correlation p

Auteur(s) : Birame Ndiaye, Momar Ndiaye, Benita Pérez Cid, Abdoulaye Diop, Ibrahima Diagne, Dame Cissé, Cheikh Tidiane Dione and Maoudo Hane
Année de publication : 2020
Revue : Earthline Journal of Chemical Sciences
Type : Article
Mise en ligne par : NDIAYE Momar