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Symmetry Analysis of the Fokker Planck Equation

In this work, the infinitesimal criterion of invariance for determining symmetries of partial differential equations is applied to the Fokker Planck equation. The maximum rang condition being satisfied, we determine the Lie point symmetries of this equation. Due to the nature of infinitesimal generators of these symmetries and the stability of Lie brackets, we obtain an infinite number of solutions from which we find examples of solutions for the Fokker Planck equation: other solutions are generated given a particular solution of the equation. Then, the Fokker Planck equation admits a conserved form, hence there is an auxiliary system associated to this equation. We show that this system admits six and an infinite number of infinitesimal generators of point symmetries giving rise to two potential symmetries of the Fokker Planck equation. We then use those potential symmetries to determine solutions of the associated system and therefore provide other solutions of the Fokker Planck equation. Note that these are essentially obtained on the basis of the invariant surface conditions. With respect to these conditions and from the potential symmetries that we have found, we finally show that in particular, some solutions of the considered Fokker Planck equation reduced to the trivial solution (solutions that are zero).

Auteur(s) : Faya Doumbo Kamano , Bakary Manga, Joël Tossa3
Pages : 51-60
Année de publication : 2020
Revue : American Journal of Mathematical and Computer Modelling
N° de volume : Vol. 5, No. 2
Type : Article
Statut Editorial : publié
Mise en ligne par : MANGA Bakary