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Haptoglobin Polymorphism and Disturbance of Lipid Parameters in Victims of Strokes

The objective of our study was to determine the frequency of the main genotypes of haptoglobin and their association with lipid parameters in subjects with stroke. This is a prospective, analytical and case-control study. 46 stroke patients and 46 matched controls were included by sex and age ± 2 years. Genotyping of Hp was performed using standard PCR with Proflex System PCR (Biosystems, Spain) and lipid parameters were assayed using enzymatic techniques with the Cobas c311 system (Roche, Germany). The mean age of our patients was 63 ± 14 years and the sex ratio was 0.70. Ischemic stroke was predominant with a frequency of 60.87% against 30.43% for hemorrhagic stroke. Allelic distribution in patients showed a high frequency of the Hp2 allele (51.09%) compared to control subjects (26.61%) (p <0,0001). The Hp2-2 genotype was more found in stroke subjects (36.96%) than in controls (17.39%) with a p = 0.002. A combination of the Hp2-2 genotype and the increase in mean LDL-c (p = 0.02), Triglycerides (p <0.005) and a decrease in mean HDL-c (p = 0.007) were found. Our study shows that the Hp2-2 genotype would be a predisposing factor to ischemic stroke. Its association with lipid parameters is found and could be considered as an additional risk factor.

Auteur(s) : Djite M., Barry N.O.K., Diop J.P.D., Bah F.B., Kandji P.M., Ndour E.H.M., Gueye-Tall F., Doupa D., Ndiaye-Diallo R., Lopez-Sall P., Cisse A., Diop P.A
Année de publication : 2018
Revue : Advances in Biochemistry
Type : Article
Mise en ligne par : DJITE Moustapha