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Impact of tumor cytoreduction in metastatic prostate cancer

Objective: To assess the impact of tumor cytoreduction on cancer outcomes and patient survival in metastatic prostate cancer. Patients and methods: It is a prospective study spanning a two-year period between October 1st 2015 and March 31st 2017. We enrolled 102 cases of metastatic hormonesensitive prostate cancer. Fifty-seven (57) patients had exclusively androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) (group 1) and 45 had, in addition, an open prostatectomy or Transurethral resection of the Prostate (group 2). We compared both groups using the total PSA nadir, the time to PSA nadir, the overall survival (OS), and the progression-free survival (PFS). Results: The average nadir PSAwas lower for the tumor cytoreduction group (16.8±1.6 ng/mL (0.01–193.5) versus 110.7±17.9 ng/mL (0.01–1379)). Median time to PSA nadir was shorter in patients in theADTonly group (8 months vs 3 months (p=0.025)). The OS was shorter in patients treated with ADT only compared to the tumor cytoreduction group (median 14 months vs 24 months, respectively (p=0.03)). Similarly, tumor cytoreduction had a positive impact on patient progression (median PFS 20 months (group 1) vs 43 months (group 2)). Conclusion: Tumor cytoreduction has a positive impact on the oncological results and the survival of patients under ADT.

Auteur(s) : Sow Yaya, Sow Ousmane, Fall Boubacar, Sine Babacar, Sarr Alioune, Ze Ondo Cyrille, Diao Babacar, Ndoye Alain Khassim, Ba Mamadou
Pages : 137–142
Année de publication : 2019
N° de volume : 11
Type : Article
Mise en ligne par : ZE ONDO Cyrille