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Synthesis, spectroscopic studies and crystal structure determination of a tetranuclearZn(II) [2x2] square grid structure of 1,5-bis(1-(pyridin-2-yl)ethylidene)carbonohydrazide

Because of their enormous potential in different sectors,polynuclear complexes occupy more and more place in inorganic chemistry. The important development of this sector of inorganic chemistry is largely due to the possibilities of applications in diverse fields as molecular magnetism[1-3], luminescence [4], ion sensors[5][5], and the SMMs [6]. The strategy for the preparation of these complexes occupies an important place in the elaboration of these materials, self-assembly [7], solvothermal synthesis[8], or the control of parameters such as pH and temperature [9-10] are widely used in the literature. Self-assembly of metal ions with organic ligands with multiple coordination sites is one of the most common strategies. This well-controlled strategy makes it possible to obtain complexes with high nucleation such as grids [2x2] [11], [2x3] [12], [3x3] [13], [4x4] [14], and [5x5] [15]. The challenge is to prepare suitable ligands to generate such patterns. Symmetrical or asymmetric Schiff bases bearing the carbono or thiocarbonohydrazone unit are well suited for preparing compounds of this type. These Schiff bases are often deprotonable and generate an enoyle motif. Indeed the presence of two azomethines nitrogen atoms and an oxygen or sulfur atom in theenoyl or the thioenoyl unit combined with the geometry imposed by the presence of azo groups are favorable conditions for self-assembly. It is in this context tha

Auteur(s) : ThiernoMoussa SECK1,Mayoro DIOP1, Diery DIOUF1, Ousmane DIOUF1, AliouHamady BARRY2, Mohamed GAYE1*
Pages : PP 06-14
Année de publication : 2018
Revue : IOSR Journal of Applied Chemistry (IOSR-JAC)
N° de volume : Volume 11, Issue 12 Ver. I (December. 2018),
Type : Article
Statut Editorial : auteur je suis à la deuxieme position
Mise en ligne par : DIOP Mayoro