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Improvement of optical transmittance and electrical conductivity of silver nanowires by Cu ion beam irradiation

Concatenation of Silver nanowires (Ag-NWs) networks upon ion-beam irradiation is a novel annealing process with various opto-electronics and nano-electronics applications. In the present study, the Ag-NWs have been irradiated with copper (Cu) ion having MeV energy. The effect of ion fluencies on optical (ultraviolet and visible ranges) and electrical properties of Cu ion irradiated Ag NWs are investigated. It has been observed that electrical conductivity and optical transmittance rises with the increase of Cu ion fluences i.e. at 1 × 1015 ions cm?2, optical transmittance of Ag- NWs thin film increased up to 34% in the visible and 19% in the ultraviolet ranges with reference to un-irradiated Ag-NWs thin film. At the equivalent dose, the electrical conductivity raised twice to the pristine value. The increase in optical transmittance has been attributed to the ion beam induced localized heating source causing slicing of Ag-NWs, whereas ion beam induced fusion of Ag-NWs at contact position is the main reason to increase the electrical conductivity. This study offers a base for the future design of transparent metal NWs thin films in various photovoltaic applications, specifically in harsh irradiation environment.

Auteur(s) : [A. Ishaq, H. Shehla, N.Z. Ali, W. Akram, K. Shakeel, A. Diallo, N. Shahzad, M. Maaza ]
Pages : 075055
Année de publication : 2017
Revue : Materials Research Express
N° de volume : 4
Type : Article
Mise en ligne par : DIALLO Abdoulaye