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Contribution to the study of Paleoproterozoic materials for the improvement of social housing in the Kedougou region: case of Mako andesitic meta-tuffs

The objective of this project is the valorization of Mako andesitic volcanic tuffs for use in social housing in the Kedougou region. To achieve these objectives, a geotechnical characterization of the tuff samples was carried out and the geopolymerization stabilization was adopted for the manufacture of bricks. These bricks stabilized by an alkaline activation offer compressive strengths that exceed the threshold value (2.9 MPa) set by the standard (NFP14-304). The best compressive strengths (12.14 MPa) and flexural tensile strengths (5.43 MPa) are obtained in the series of bricks made with 35% of the mass of a solution of caustic soda at 12 molars concentration with a curing temperature cooking of 185?C and an average absorbance of 13.21%.

Auteur(s) : Abdou DIOUF, Adama DIONE, Mahamadane DIENE, Matar NDIAYE
Pages : 42-56
Année de publication : 2020
Revue : Journal of Building Construction and Planning Research
N° de volume : 8
Type : Article
Mise en ligne par : DIENE Mahamadane