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Alkaline Leaching of Metals from Cathodic Materials of Spent Lithium-Ion Batteries

ABSTRACT : The aim of this study was to recover metals from the positive electrode material for recycling in lithium-ion batteries. It was focused on research to optimize the hydrometallurgical pretreatment process of cathode materials for Li-ion batteries by varying parameters such as NaOH concentration, the ratio of solvent volume to mass of the test sample (liquid-solid ratio (L/S)) and reaction time. Thus, from used batteries collected in a local market (Colobane, Senegal), cathodic materials dried in an oven at 50°C for 24 hours, submitted to alkaline leaching with NaOH 2, 3 or 4N, followed by filtration, all at room temperature. The filtrates obtained were analyzed by atomic absorption spectrophotometry. The results obtained were showed that Al collectors could be better extracted with 4N NaOH for 5 hours at a ratio liquid/solid (L/S) = 10/1, with small quantities of the metals Co, Mn, Ni and Li found in the filtrates. Keywords: Batteries; lithium-ion; alkaline leaching; recycling.

Auteur(s) : Nango Gaye, Rokhaya Sylla Gueye, Jérôme Ledauphin, Mamadou Balde, Matar Seck, Alassane Wele and Mahy Diaw
Pages : 1-7,
Année de publication : 2019
Revue : Asian Journal of Applied Chemistry Research
N° de volume : 3(2):
Type : Article
Mise en ligne par : SECK Matar