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Bio-guided identification of antiglycative constituents from the leaves of Mangifera indica L.

Advanced glycation end-products (AGEs) have been shown to be implicated in many degenerative disorders as well as diabetic pathology. Of interest, several natural compounds including phenolic constituents are capable of inhibiting the formation of AGEs. Bio-guided fractionation of a methanol extract from Mangifera indica leaves led to the characterization of six antiglycative constituents including gallic acid (1), iriflophenone-3-C-?-D-glucoside (2), mangiferin (3), iriflophenone-3-C-(2'-Ogalloyl)- ?-D-glucoside (4), hyperoside (5) and isoquercitrin (6). With IC50 values lower than that of aminoguanidine, the six identified phenolic compounds can be regarded as remarkable inhibitors of advanced glycation end products formation and M. indica leaves should be considered as a potential nutraceutical resource to prevent carbonyl stress-related diseases. Key words: Mangifera indica, antiglycation, radical scavenging, phenolics, benzophenone.

Auteur(s) : Samba Fama Ndoye, Didier Fraisse, Blandine Akendengué, Rokhaya Sylla Gueye, Cheikh Sall, Mael Gainche, Insa Seck, Catherine Felgines, Matar Seck and F
Pages : 129-134
Année de publication : 2019
Revue : Journal of Medicinal Plants Research
N° de volume : Vol. 13(6),
Type : Article
Mise en ligne par : SECK Matar