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Thyroid Invasion in Advanced Laryngeal Cancers: About 59 Cases at the ENT Departments in Academics Hospitals of Dakar from 2007 To 2011

objectives: description of epidemiology, clinical features and survival of patients undergoing laryngectomy and thyroidectomy for larynx carcinoma extending to the thyroid gland. Patients and Methods: This study concerned adult patients from ENT departments in Academic Hospitals (Aristide Le Dantec and Fann) who had a total laryngectomy and a thyroidectomy. Results: Fifty-nine (59) patients had total laryngectomy (TL) with thyroidectomy. The average age was 52 years. There were 58 men (98.3%) and one woman (1,7%). Laryngeal tumors (TNM classification) were very advanced (T3-T4) in 58 patients (98.3%). The TL was combined with a thyroidectomy in all cases. Four patients (12.5%) had invasion of the thyroid gland by the squamous carcinoma originating from the larynx. Survival was 10% at 5 years. There was no significant difference according to thyroid gland invasion or not (p = 0.15). Conclusion: This poor prognosis is certainly related to the fact that patients attend late but also is related to the deficits of the technical platform.

Auteur(s) : Diom ES1, Abi H1, Ndiaye C1*, Diallo BK2, Tall A1, Ndiaye M1, Ndiaye IC1, Diouf R2 and Diop EM1
Année de publication : 2020
Revue : Scholarly Journal of Otolaryngology
N° de volume : 3
Type : Article
Mise en ligne par : NDIAYE Ciré