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Study of the Variation in Total and Reducing Sugars Contents According to the Variety and According to the Position Where the Fruit (Mango) Was Harvested from Five Mango Varieties Exploited in Senegal

In this study, the results show that total sugar contents depend on the variety and the position where the fruit (mango) has been harvested. This variation in total sugar contents is observed according to the following varieties: the Bk (Boukodiekhal) variety (bottom position 45 mg/100 mL) then Bk (intermediate and bottom position 40 mg/100 mL) and with the Dr (Diourou) variety the content according to the intermediate position is 63 mg/100 mL while the content according to its bottom position is 56 mg/100 mL. The same is observed for variety Knt (Kent). For the variety factor, we see that the Dr and Sl (Sierra Leone) varieties are the richest in total sugars. Compared to the variation in reducing sugar content, the effect of position is less pronounced. Nevertheless, the statistical results show that the contents vary according to the varieties. There is a very significant variation in reducing sugar content between certain varieties. The variety Kt (Keitt) (45 mg/100 mL) is the richest in reducing sugars but compared to the lower position of the variety Bk, they are statistically identical. Variety Knt remains the poorest in reducing sugars 20 mg/ 100 mL.

Auteur(s) : Ba Ibrahima*, Fofana Mouhamadou, Diop Moussoukhoye
Pages : 28-36
Année de publication : 2020
Revue : Journal of Biosciences and Medicines
N° de volume : Volume8
Type : Article
Mise en ligne par : FOFANA Mouhamadou